3 training plans for open water swimming

How to pick up open water swimming?

As the weather gets warmer recently, more people go to the beach for swimming. However, open water swimming and swimming in the pool are totally two kinds of experience. As such, the open water swimming training plan can be hugely different from the training methods you used to use in the pool. In this article, we are going to introduce 3 training plans for swimming lovers at different practice levels. 

Training plan 1

Training plan 1- beginner training

In open water swimming, marker buoys are usually used to denote the distance in the ocean. This training plan is suitable for swimmers who swim in the pool regularly but new to open water swimming. 
You can start swimming from one side of the beach to the marker buoy in the furthest front of you. After taking a break of around 30 seconds to 1 minute, you can swim to the other side of the marker buoy, then you can take another break of 30 seconds to 1 minute. After that, you can return to the beach as the diagram below stated. 
In this program of around 350 meters, swimmers can be more familiar with the open water swimming and get more prepared for future training! 

Training plan 2

Training plan 2- sprint training

If the first training plan does not sound challenging to you, you can give this exercise a try! 
Just like the previous training plan, you can get started on either side of the beach. To start with, you can use 40 strokes of freestyle at high frequency to get to the marker buoy. Then, return to the beach with 20 strokes of freestyles at a much lower frequency. It is also important for you to pay attention to your posture at the same time.

You can take a break of 20 seconds between sets while the whole exercise consists of 12 sets. This sprint training can train you to swim at a faster pace.

Training plan 3

Training plan 3- interval training

In this exercise, you will need to start running from the beach to the ocean. Swim to the nearest marker buoy and then take a break of 30 seconds, then swim to the next marker buoy and take a break and then to the next marker buoy until to the last buoy and return to the beach. This training can not only train up your physical fitness but also the endurance of the swimmers, perfectly for the swimmers who are preparing for the open water competition by the end of the year!

What to take with your training?

No matter if you are a beginner or experienced swimmer in open water swimming, an open water swimming buoy can make your training safer. As you are swimming in the ocean, the swimming buoy can be used as buoyancy support. Also, the bright color of the buoy can also allow the rescue team or boat to spot you more easily when there are accidents.

Open Water Swim Buoy 100

✔ Outer net pocket
✔ Bright colour for easy spotting
✔ Belt to attach the buoy to your waist
✔ 140N buoyancy

Open Water Swim Buoy 500

✔ Outer net pocket+ Inner pocket 
✔ Bright colour for easy spotting
✔ Belt to attach the buoy to your waist
✔ 200N buoyancy