264 advice
Trail running is becoming an increasingly popular weekend activity. If you’re itching to explore Hong Kong’s trails but don’t know where to start, Decathlon has teamed up with Stephen and Wai Hung, who recently completed the Hong Kong Ultra-Triathlon 260 Challenge and have provided a list of useful tips for beginners.
As we enter a new year, now is the perfect time to get into good habits and set yourself some goals for the next 12 months! Many people like to start with a workout – in addition to working up a sweat, exercise is also an excellent way to celebrate with friends or family and motivate each other to take on new challenges. We’ve put together a list of 5 sports for you to try this year – there’s never been a better time to start planning your goals!
Triathlon is a sport that combines three sports: Swimming, Cycling and Running. There is no recovery break between the different events until finished. Let's us help you to know more about it!
Recovery | Massage Therapy Interview
Let former Hong Kong Athlete (Eric Yeung Hoi Chun) introduces the usage of massage tools to recovery exercise after sports, more advanced than stretching.
Hong Kong trail routes for beginners
Three quarters of Hong Kong’s land is countryside. In addition to the four well-known long distance trails, Hong Kong is also home to a wide range of other trails of varying distances, many of which are popular with trail runners.
Fitness| 3 tips to keep you active this Christmas!
It's hard not to overindulge over the Christmas period. If you’re not careful, all those temptations can undo the months of effort you put in to keep fit. However, if you increase your activity levels, it is possible to get through the festive season without piling on the pounds!