Cross training | 4 common exercises with battle rope

Cross Training: 4 exercises with battle rope

Whole body training

What is battle rope?

Battle rope is a common cross training tool. It can improve your overall fitness level: strength, power and cardiovascular endurance.

It is suitable for whole body training!

Here are 4 common battle rope exercises, it can target our different muscles groups

1. Jumping Jack

Do normal Jumping Jack but with holding battle rope, increase the difficulty by use the weight of battle rope, suitable for for warm up!


2. Slamming

Use the core and lower body to do squat jump, wave the battle rope up at the same time. Then slam the rope on the ground when getting down.

This exercise can train your strength of arms, core and lower body.


3. Rainbow(side twist)

Use core to do side twist and wave the battle rope into a big wave like rainbow!


4. Outer circle

Straighten your arms while doing semi squat, start drawing outer circle with holding the rope. 


*Do 1 min of each exercise and rest 30 sec between each exercises. 

*repeat 4 times