Snorkelling and Diving

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Carrying heavy gears and plunging into the depths… Why are divers obsessed with this unusual sport? Decathlon Diving Sport Leader Amie is here to share what motivates her in this journey.
There are many benefits of scuba diving. Most people would agree that they dive for the pure enjoyment of experiencing the underwater world, however, it's time everyone knows how they benefit from being a scuba diver!
Les conseils de sécurité en plongée et snorkeling
To fully experience the joy of snorkelling and diving, make sure you pay heed to the safety requirements and possible risks in the ocean! Check out our tips to stay safe in the ocean.
Safety is essential before, during, and even after your dives! What should you do after surfacing from a deep dive? Check out these tips to help you recover after diving.
sharp island
Other than Australia, the Philippines, Taiwan... You can also dive here in Hong Kong! Let's explore the popular local dive sites and enjoy the fun diving in Hong Kong!
À descoberta dos gestos ecológicos no snorkeling
Snorkelling is a simple and accessible activity that allows you to discover the underwater world. However, you need to be careful to preserve the beauty of the marine environment. Learn about eco-friendly snorkelling practices with Decathlon!
Kinderen oefenen snorkelen
There are many ways to enjoy a beach family day. Other than swimming, building sand castles and sunbathing… You can also go snorkelling! Find out how to help your children experience snorkelling!
We offer you various types of aquashoes to protect your feet during snorkel adventures. Learn how to choose a suitable pair!
Properly choosing the size of your Easybreath mask is crucial if you want to make the very most of your underwater excursions! Have a look at our guide that will help you to choose your size.