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A swim in the chilly sea on Christmas Day or New Year's Day has become a tradition for thousands of people in the globe. In fact, hundreds of Hong Kong swimmers also participate in the New Year’s Day swim every year. They see this festive swim as good luck and prepare both mental and physical health for the new year. If you are thinking of joining them this New Year, here are the risks!
It’s time to go for camping! There are many camping sites in Hong Kong that are accessible by public transport and are fully equipped. No matter camping newbies or family camper, it is suitable to spend a weekend. Take a look at our 3 recommended camping spots!
Giuliana - originally from Brazil - is leading the Decathlon Open Water Swimming team at our Water Sports Centre in France. She's been passionate about Open Water Swimming for years and completed some amazing challenges like swimming around Manhattan Island and across the Strait of Gibraltar. Within her everyday role, Giuliana inspires more people to discover her favourite sport and makes it accessible to everyone.