Tarun Goel is a full-time traveller. Growing up in the mountains, hiking comes naturally to him. After years of wandering in the Himalayas, he is now ready to share his knowledge of the mountains and its needs.


Tarun Goel

Full-Time Traveller

 I started traveling in 2011. Since I grew up in the mountains, hiking came naturally to me. And the desire to be in the deepest valleys and deepest mountains has only grown stronger all these years. I have become a thought wandering in the Himalaya who wants to stay there forever.  

The mountains are ruthless. There’s no alternative to a fit mind and body. And you don’t realize the importance of a fit mind and body until you are stuck in a life-threatening situation in the Himalayas. 


 - INVEST IN GEAR It is not being luxurious; it could be life-saving in the mountains.    - STAY HYDRATED  Physically demanding activities like camping and hiking can quickly deplete your body's water resources. Prepare in advance. Take time and study the area you plan to camp at, does it have water resources etc. Either way, carry a good hydration pack along.


 - Headlamp and matchbox


 - Rain Coat because even if the weatherman declares is bright and sunny for the next 100 years, it always rains in the mountains.

 - First Aid Kit – Glucose and ORS + Sunscreen + Antiseptic Lotion+ Essential Medicines which includes Diamox and Cetrizine. Whenever I go upwards of 4000 meters. It's better to consult your doctor before you pile up your kit with any medicine. 


- A rough Google Earth Map of the trail.


- My GPS and a power bank.  


- Extra pair of socks and lightweight clothing. Always wear layers.


- Cap, sunglasses, and gloves. 


- A waist pouch for all things handy.


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