When should you restring your racket?

Strings will wear down, lose their elasticity and tension as you play longer, so it's important to restring your racket at the right time.
If you encounter these situations, you may need to restring.
loss in control

Loss in control

You will feel more difficult to control the ball as your strings wear and lose tension.

Restring when you hit more unforced errors, hit just long, or feel difficult placing the ball 


Difficulty generating spin

When your strings lose tension, elasticity of the main strings will drop.

Restring when you feel harder to generate topspin


Lack of pop

There is a "ping" sound when your strings are fresh and elastic. As time goes by, your strings will lose elasticity and tension and the "ping" sound will be gone.

Restring when you hear a a "thud" sound

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