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Our skiing sport leaders went to ColorSnow Sports and Life Hall in Chigwan Road, Nanshan district Shenzhen last week. It offers skiing and snowboarding. There are also four major areas: indoor dry slope, skiing treadmills, ramp and trampoline area. A new store will be opening in July, and a 3D ski machine will be introduced to give a full range of new skiing experiences!

 旱雪特写 (2)


Firstly, let us introduce the popular “dry snow” slope. It is made up of plastic looking like enoki mushrooms. The friction and grip is stronger than real snow, so it is easier to balance but the stronger grip makes turning and carving harder. In addition, the riding speed down slope is relatively slower as the plastic gives more friction. Given the speed being slower than real slopes it is also comparatively short taking only a couple of seconds to complete. If you’re a newbie learning to ski, this slope will accommodate your needs as the mushroom like soft plastic will break your fall better, causing less pain than real snow.  


Secondly, introducing the ski and snowboard training deck! The material of the revolving training deck is a carpet, which is sprayed with water for lubrication during operation minimising the chances of falling. The advantages of this training deck is the ability to adjust the gradient (0-13.5 degrees) and speed (0-45km/h) and various conditions can be set according to different levels of skiers to find a suitable riding experience. Moreover, the safety software system of the ski machine are equipped with sensor functions to increase the safety of the rider as the machine will automatically stop when the rider falls and detected by the sensor.  When we tried it, “I felt that the grip of the carpet was strong, there's still a big difference with skiing on real slopes but if you want to practice skiing, the ski machine is suitable for you, the coach will guide you with improvements.” - JASMINE CHAN, SKIING SPORT LEADER   

幕布 (4)
跳台 (11)


Lastly, there is an indoor ramp (6m) in the venue. The material is the same as that of the indoor skiing slope. This ramp is perfect for those who’s always wanted to try a ski jump on the slopes! The speed is not fast as its controlled by you and the air bag at the end of the jump gives you extra confidence to try the tricks you couldn’t on the mountains as the air bag cushions your landing, preventing major physical damage.


There are five themes in the trampoline area, including the professional sports bouncing area, the free learning bouncing area, the dodgeball area, the extreme climbing wall and the slam dunk area. It can be said a trampoline paradise. We didn't have time to try the trampoline as we mainly focused on skiing.

蹦床 (4)

Overall, ColorSnow Sports and LIfe Hall is worth a try, it allows you to gain more experience other than skiing on the slopes . However, the venue has weak air conditioning, be prepared to break a sweat while trying out the dry slope! There are showers provided so it is recommended to bring a change of clothes!

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Opening Hours:

Weekdays (Mon-Fri): 1:30PM-8:30PM

Weekend (Sat-Sun): 9:30AM-9:00PM


Contact: +86 13500062199


Address: ColorSnow Sports and LIfe Hall. Chigwan road, Nanshan district Shenzhen