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Each player's physiology and sports reflection conditions are different, therefore there's not one racket fit for everyone. After you advanced your skills, you also need to upgrade your racket to keep up the performance on the court. Below we listed out the high-end badminton rackets from Decathlon 2019-2020 and their detailed specifications. You may find if there is a racket fit for your playing style, but if there is a Decathlon branch near you, it is still recommended to pay a visit and talk to our enthusiastic badminton ambassador, they will always give you the most relevant opinions.
Short serve is the most practical skill in doubles, while also useful in singles. You need to master certain skills to do a perfect short serve. Follow our practice and you will be a master in no time!
So, you’ve decided to start badminton or perhaps you’re are simply seeing out the current season and need some new shoes?
Badminton Smash is the most potent of all badminton shots. There is almost no defense against a well-executed smash. Here is how to get better at smash.
Do you know the difference between natural shuttlecock and plastic shuttlecock? More importantly, do you know which one is more suitable for your practice? Come and see which shuttlecock is best for you!