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Mallet finger is one of the most common injuries among basketball players. Minor injuries can cause swelling, while serious injuries can lead to long-term impairment of finger motion.
When choosing sports shoes, football, running, basketball and tennis have completely different requirements on the upper. After all, the upper of football shoes will contact with the ball and must have certain durability. However, there are so many kinds of football uppers. What should I pay attention to when I buy them?
Why are professional players practise football on the beach? Our partner Destiny, coach of Young Talent Football Team, will explain the benefits of playing beach football.
hoop 500 easy beach
If you could start your game anywhere, where would it be? Check out our portable backboard The Hoop 500 Easy and share your passion towards basketball around the world!
Beach volleyball is perfect to play in summer. We have all played it with family or friends, but do we know the official rules and how it is different from indoor volleyball?
Futsal, a sport different from the traditional 11-a-side football. Liu Yik Shing - Hong Kong Futsal Representative - introduces you the sport