Hiking & Trekking

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camping family
Camping is not only for fun and games, it is also great for child development. Hong Kong has many easily accessible campsites, so take the opportunity this summer and have some outdoor camping fun with the family!
hike with kids
Should children be using electronic devices such as phones, computers and tablets? In this information age, it would be unreasonable to completely limit our children’s use of these devices. As parents, we want our children to remain competitive and digital media is an extremely useful learning tool. However, overuse of electronic devices may have negative consequences on child development.
choosing trekking boots
Choosing a pair of trekking boots can be tricky, and requires a good understanding of the type of trails you are going to walk on.
mt fuji image
Hong Kong people like to travel to Japan. Beside eating and drinking in Japan, you can also try to hike the highest mountain - Mt. Fuji. Don't think that only professional climbers can climb Mount Fuji. In fact, as long as you are in good physical condition, you can try Mt. Fuji if you have hiking experience.
How do you measure the waterproofing of a hiking jacket? - teaser
A product is recognised as waterproof when it has the ability to stop rain getting through, thus protecting the hiker from bad weather. It is worth knowing that there are different levels of impermeability, and different tests to measure them. On the one hand, we consider the impermeability of a fabric, while on the other, we prove the impermeability of an entire product. Check that in addition to using a waterproof material, your jacket has waterproof zips.
Hiking will keep you in good overall shape while also sculpting your bottom and stomach, which is another reason why you should continue all year round! Read on to discover 6 benefits of hiking.