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It is tricky to avoid getting wet when hiking in the wet season. Even if you wear excellent waterproof hiking shoes and rain pants, rain drops can slide into your shoes. Or you may step into a puddle soaking your shoes and socks. When we need to wear the same shoes and socks to carry on the journey on the next day, how should we dry the wet shoes and socks?
Are you a novice yet enthusiastic hiker looking for an easy route with lovely scenery? At Decathlon, we have selected 3 of the most popular hiking routes for beginners in Hong Kong. Everyone should be able to enjoy Hong Kong’s beautiful countryside from atop a mountain, no matter how experienced you are in hiking.
It can be stressful putting an expensive hiking essentials, like your down jacket, into the washing machine. We need to clean them with specialised products that don’t ruin the unique feather construction – but not too often. Otherwise we risk damaging them. Oh, and we also need to deal with drying. No need to panic though; just follow these easy steps to keep your items in great condition…
Hiking Route
Many people go hiking during the Chinese New Year. They like to choose the routes far away from the city with a broader view, to enjoy maximum refreshment in the countryside. Lantau Peak is a popular route with spectacular views. Want to know more? Let’s take a look below!
Warm, breathable, compact, with brushed material or not ... Having the right polar fleece is essential for not getting cold when hiking. Discover all our tips to make the right choice!
“Leave no trace” (short form is LNT) is an international movement to protect outdoors environments by teaching people how to enjoy it responsibly. To preserve the beauty and sanctity of mother nature giving you and your future generations the opportunity to enjoy your ground of practice for a longer time.