Top 5 Open Water Beach Recommendation

Open water swimming in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, there are lots of beautiful and easily accessible beaches. Some beaches are popular for various water activities while some are more quiet and good for long-distance training. So how to choose the right beach for your first open water swimming challenge?  Here we list out the Top 5 beaches that are suitable for swimming in Hong Kong.


1. Stanley Main Beach

It is a popular spot to practice water sport activities here. The beach is well equipped and a shopping mall is nearby.


2. Repulse Bay

It is the largest beach in Hong Kong island. Even though dozens of people go there to play, you can still find a place for yourself. The facilities are well equipped, you can shower or even eat something in the restaurant after practice. Besides, it has been used as an international open water competition venue for two years. It is quite suitable for advanced swimmers to challenge themselves. However, it is quite packed over the weekend and public holiday. 

Ranking: 9/10


3. Golden Beach

There is an annual New Year Swim competition in Golden Beach. During weekends and holidays, residents nearby usually go there and enjoy the sunshine and the sea. It is also a well-equipped beach where you can find everything you want here before or after practice. However, water quality sometimes is not as good as other beaches. 

Ranking: 9/10

4. Clear Water Second Bay

It is known for its clear water. Compared to other beaches, it is quite far away from the city center that takes a longer time to travel to reach. However, due to the distant location and smaller in scale, fewer people will go there.


5. Upper Cheung Sha Beach

It is known for its long coastal line and clear water. Despite the fact that it is situated in Lantau Island, everything is perfect here for an open-water swimmer. You can find all the facilities you need and fewer people will visit. Apart from that, you can swim 10km here without worrying about someone blocking your way. 

Ranking: 10/10


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