3 Aquafitness exercises you need after competition

We believe all of you had done recovery exercise in different ways after an intense workout or even competition. Have you thought about doing recovery exercise in water?

Aquafitness is growing in popularity across the globe. It is now a new experience to all the  sports lovers as a mild workout or recovery exercise. Thanks to the water resistance and buoyancy, it helps athletes balance out different muscle groups that may have become uneven through repetitive actions. If you are thinking of a new way to recover after competition, try aquafitness out and you will be surprised! 


1. Plank- excellent for sore back

Starting position: ~Grab the two ends of the noodle in front of you with your palm facing down. 

Action:~Lean forward in the water, with your back keeping straight. Push down on the noodle to submerge it as you lean further forward to form in a plank position. Keep your elbows locked. and your feet anchored to the pool floor to maintain your balance during the move. Hold the plank for up to 60 seconds.


2. Noodle pull/ push- shoulder relaxation

Starting position: ~Hold the noodles with hands no wider than shoulder-width apart just above the water surface~Action: ~Push the noodles downwards into your body with your arms straight, and then slowly resume to the original position


3. Lunge stretch- hip stretching

Starting position: ~Stand up straight in the pool in waist-deep water. Place the noodle under the arch of one of the feet, the knee will come up thanks to the buoyancy of the water. You can feel the hip stretching from this starting position. 

~Action:  ~Push the noodle down to the floor of the pool slowly and resume to the orginal position slowly.