Badminton | 5 Fascinating Facts About Badminton History 

The game of badminton has a lengthy history and has undergone many changes and improvements. Find out the history of badminton here.

Everybody knows about this lawn game played with rackets and a shuttlecock - “Badminton.” The game rules are simple. This game is all about hitting the shuttlecock to and from across the net.

Ah! Ha! That's not all. Here come the badminton rules since the beginning of the badminton history - the shuttlecock has to fly between the opponents without touching the floor within the boundaries of the court. Don't know how it feels like to play but it is quite entertaining watching the players making vertical leaps three to four feet in the air for a “Smash!” Terrific!

Or maybe the game is more than what anyone thinks. It has got more than just a court and a net. So let's see - “Some Fascinating Facts Of Badminton History.”

Whether you are a badminton player or sports lover, you find this article pretty interesting and a great source to get your badminton history facts cleared. I am sure after reading this article; you would start searching for your badminton rackets and shuttlecocks instead of your video games and mobile phones.

Badminton history facts

1. Badminton roots belong to ancient china

The origin of badminton dates back more than 2,000 years ago with the names battledore and shuttlecock. This age-old game which involves two players hit a feathered shuttlecock back and forth with a bat was a pass time game in England and many European countries.  

"Does the history of badminton belong to China anyways?"

Well, some historians say that Badminton is a derived version of “Ti Zian Ji '' the game popular with the Chinese. In this sport, the players used their feet instead of racquets to hit the shuttlecock! How funny is that?

2. Second most popular sport of the world

Football is the world’s most popular sport. Of course, everyone knows that. But did anyone know that Badminton is positioned right next to Football? There are many other things that people miss out from badminton history -

This game is played regularly by roughly 220 million people around the world in Europe, Africa, Asia, and America. Most popularly in Asia.

If you look at the Olympics as a tool to measure the popularity of a sport, then Badminton has proved itself in this domain too. It has been introduced into the Olympics since 1992 and records say that 1.1 billion people actually tuned into their TV channels to watch the game.

That's a cool thing to know! Isn't it?

3. Feathers from the left wing of a goose

Badminton is all about this high-drag projectile "The shuttlecock." Within the rectangular court of Badminton, it is the position of this little feathered object which decides the win or lose of the game. So, you've got to know about the shuttlecock.

Shuttlecocks get their insane speed because they’re made of only the left wings of geese. Why? Is something wrong with the right wings of the geese? Geese wings hold the physics of the sport. The 16 feathered shuttlecock, when smashed into the air, spins clockwise only if the features belong to the left wing of a goose. But do the same with the right wing feathers of a goose and your shuttlecock rotates counterclockwise — which totally screws the game and the players.

4. Origin of the name

If a sport you love has an unusual name, it is very common to wonder about - “where the word originated?” So, to know why badminton was named so, you need to dive into the history of badminton. The name ‘badminton’ resonated from Badminton House which was the Duke of Beaufort’s residence in Gloucestershire, England. This game was re-introduced and popularized at this house; therefore it was decided to name the sport as Badminton. Gloucestershire now houses the International Badminton Federation.

5. Tougher than tennis

Badminton history proves that the game is tougher than Tennis. Oh! Man! Only if you are ready to burn some severe calories, you want to get into this sport. Otherwise, you can find your way out to grab some fish and chips; and be among the spectators of the game. Let’s get the facts cleared -

A badminton player runs an average distance of 3.7 miles to take his/her shots in the singles game.

On the other hand,  a tennis player runs an average distance of 1.8 miles which concludes that badminton players travel twice the distance than that of the tennis players.

~So, stamina plays a significant role in this game. Phew! Hats off to the world’s fastest racket sport, which requires quick reflexes and over the top energy levels.

End of the tale

I hope that this article helped you to understand a sport that you have known for a long time. What more you need my friend? Badminton is a great sport with a great history. So, grab a racket and drag your friend out to the court; don’t stop playing until you drain out all your energy.


Not much into sports? No worries! I got plan B.


If you have your friends or family gathered for a party or a coffee conversation, get your speech ready about the history of badminton. Spit it out all the stuff you know about the game, through some inspiration and make your friends' jaws drop.


Have fun anyways!

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