How to choose your punch bag?

There are a range of different materials (fabric, synthetic, leather) and sizes. Find out how to choose the right bag from all of these choices!

How to choose your punch bag?

You should choose a punch bag based on the kind of boxing you do and how often you train.

There are two criteria to consider: size and material.

How to choose your punch bag?


The type of boxing will determine the size of your punch bag (from 80 cm to 120 cm).

● For punching only, choose a punch bag measuring 80 to 110 cm.

● For punching and kicking, choose a bag that is longer than 120 cm.


If you are a novice boxer and train only occasionally, choose a fabric bag that will be supple when struck.

If you are an advanced boxer and train more regularly (twice weekly), opt for a bag with a synthetic outer, such as in polyurethane that is stiff and very durable.

If you are an expert boxer or compete and train intensively (three or more times weekly), choose a sturdy bag in genuine leather that will withstand abrasion and punching.

How to choose your punch bag?

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