Diagram of Easy3 Simond Climbing Harness from Decathlon

How to Choose Your Climbing Harness

A harness is an essential piece of climbing equipment. It is the vital link between your body, the rope, the quickdraws and the cliff...

Her strength-Soni Cheng

HER STRENGTH | Soni: Power and Finesse - Decathlon HK

People who survive a life-threatening illness often have a compelling tale. A blessing in disguise, Soni’s struggle shows us how every situation can be a chance to learn something new.After narrowly escaping a serious illness, Soni fell in love with rock climbing. This exhilarating sport has had a profound impact on her music, while teaching her more about herself and what she wants out of life.

Why climber use chalk


Why use rock climbing chalk? What is the difference between liquid chalk and a chalk ball for climbing? Check out this article to find the answers.

Which are the best climbing shoes?

Climbing | how to choose climbing shoes for beginners?

Have you got into challenging yourself after your first experience with climbing? Then come and find a pair of indoor or outdoor climbing shoes for beginners. So that you can have a more comfortable and pleasant experience in climbing.