Balance bikes can help us develop our sense of balance, so we can maintain great stability when riding bikes.

Below are some tips for parents to help their kids explore the fun of cycling.


Different from regular bikes, balance bikes don't come with paddles, training wheels and chains. 

They are particular suitable for 2-6 year-old kids.

1. Kids' bikes without paddles and training wheels

  - Easier to learn balance, master riding speed and brake
  - Since there are no paddles for balance bikes, so they are easier for kids to start with. Based on their pace, they can learn how to balance with ease

2. Bikes specially designed for kids

  - Balance bikes without paddles are getting more and more popular. They let kids experience the fun of cycling more easily

Specially designed for kids from 2-4 years old (below 30 kg), this kind of bikes are lighter than those with training wheels.
 - The special braking system on the handles raises kids' awareness of safety and reduce the riding speed

Let's ride the balance bike

3. Ride balance bikes with ease

1. Get Started
- Help the kids wear the helmet properly, covering the forehead and fastening the jaw straps

2. Check the bikes
- Whether there is enough air pressure in the tyre, the seat pad is firmly installed, and the braking system works

3. When getting on and off the bikes
- Kids should tilt the bike, straddle the seat pad and have both feet standing firmly on the ground. Have their hands on the handle to ensure they can use the brake
- Let kids practise riding and getting on and off the bike from some time

4. Lift their legs and slide forward
- Choose gentle slops, and encourage them to lift their lifts from the ground. Walk around and push their feets against the ground to slide forward
- Encourage and remind them to look forward instead of at their feet
- When they can ride with ease, encourage them to go further

5. Control and stop the bikes
- When they master how to lift their legs and stop the bike, you can gently push from the back for help their maintain stability
- When they are about to stop, you can tell them how to gently reduce the speed by using the brake

6. Play games
- Play simply games with kids, such as calling ou ""Stop, go, slow down, speed up"" to keep the fun - remember to stop when the kids are tired and hungry
- A toddler kids can handle of practice period of around 30 minutes

Remember to make it fun and encourage kids to feel the balance of the bike!



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