Squash| squash time! introduce squash to you.

Want to train your body's reflexes, motor coordination, and explosiveness? Why not explore the indoor sport of squash, it is easy to start, and you can easily enjoy the fun of playing squash.

Discover squash, a sport mix of endurance and agility

What is squash?

Similar to tennis and badminton, squash is a descendant of jeu de paume. In the mid-19th century in London, two students at the prestigious Harrow School were waiting to play a game of rackets when they had the idea of hitting the leather ball against the walls of the school. And so squash was invented.

The creation of a soft, hollow rubber ball that could be squashed when hitting the wall is how the game got its name.

Discover squash, a sport mix of endurance and agility

Game rule

You may have seen it in the Squash PSA World Tour. Squash is played by 2 (singles) or 4 players (doubles) on a 4-walled court. During the squash game, you receive a point when your opponent fails to return the ball. Each game is played to 11 points and the first who scores 11 points wins. A match is normally the best of 5 games, but sometimes it might be 3.

Each competitor must use any wall (front/back/left/right) in the squash field to hit the bouncing ball against the wall with a squash racket so that the opponent cannot hit it back before the ball bounces once. If the ball is on the floor and bounces more than once without hitting it back with the racket, you lose the ball.

The benefits of squash

Recognised as a way to beat stress, squash is an intense sport that's both fun and great exercise. You can play recreationally or competitively to reap the benefits!

1. Squash works both your cardio and muscles to improve endurance, speed, and flexibility. It is a physically demanding sport that burns many calories and is ideal for those looking to slim down.

2. Not affected by weather
Squash is mostly played indoors, so you can play squash in any weather all year round

3. Beginners can also easily get started
The rules of squash and the basic requirements for beginners are not high, so even if a beginner plays squash for the first time, it is not difficult to get started.

Everything you need for squash time


Unlike tennis, the most prominent difference between various squash rackets is the shape. It affects the power and controls your racket generates and the size of the sweet spot when you hit the ball. Usually, there are 2 shapes, open throat and close throat.

  • sr590

    Open throat

  • sr590

    Close throat

Squash ball

A squash ball is between 39.5mm and 40.5mm in diameter and weighs between 23g and 25g. There are 5 categories of squash balls (marked with coloured dots) which correspond to 5 skill levels.

  • squash double yellow ball

    Double yellow dot

    The slowest ball with lowest bounce, used by advanced level to professional players.

  • squash red ball

    Red dot

    Medium bounce and speed are perfect for intermediate players wanting to improve.

  • squash blue ball

    Blue dot

    Its high bounce will help you maintain a rally and enjoy the pleasures of squash.

Discover squash, a sport mix of endurance and agility

Squash bag

To carry everything you need to play squash easily, you may need a squash bag. We recommend that you choose a squash bag that is light and has a comfortable shoulder strap. PERFLY's squash bag has a capacity of 25L, which can accommodate a squash racket, a pair of squash shoes, and some clothes for changes, suitable for users who often play squash.

Discover squash, a sport mix of endurance and agility

Squash apparel

Clothing that keeps you dry and sweat-wicking is especially important when playing squash. ARTENGO's squash apparel features soft-touch and breathable fabrics that reduce the feeling of sweating. Our t-shirt cut is designed to move freely when playing squash (neither too loose nor too tight) Your shoulders can move freely no matter if you are playing forehand, backhand, serve, or volley.

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