Golf | Basic Golf Clubs for Beginners

Basic Golf Clubs for Beginners

Fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters: there are so many types of golf clubs for beginners to choose from! We will go through all of them with you to see what golf club to use for each shot, but if you are a beginner, we advise you to master these 3 types first:

1. Irons
2. Drivers
3. Putters

Golf | Basic Golf Clubs for Beginners


Irons are used for short and mid distances and when approaching the green. Most shots are made with this universal type of golf club.

These days, most sets range from a 5-iron to a pitching wedge. The 3- and 4-irons can be ordered separately from most brands. The lower the number of an iron, the further the ball will travel. A club head with a wide sole will help you hit the ball higher and produce excellent results. A narrower sole will result in shorter, more precise trajectories.

Small tips: when you do chipping, you can consider iron "8", "9", "P". Put your hand lower to make the distance between your body and the ball closer. This can increase the possibility of rolling after the ball falls to the ground.

Golf | Basic Golf Clubs for Beginners


A driver is the longest club in a golf set. it is used for producing the longest distance. It is essential for any golfer who plays on the course.

Golf | Basic Golf Clubs for Beginners


These clubs are used to roll the ball on the green. Their weights and shapes vary.

Small tips: if the green is slower, the distance between the ball and the hole will be longer. You will need a larger backswing angle when you do putting.

A mallet putter’s weight is distributed along its sides. It delivers optimal off-centre shots.
The ball can roll on the same line with less deviation when it hits the sides of the putter surface.

Putter surface may use a softer material to improve and enhance the feeling of putting. From model to model, there is a dot or line for lining up the ball and the target.

After mastering a certain level of technique, you may proceed to use more types of clubs to perfect your shot.

Golf | Basic Golf Clubs for Beginners


Woods are usually used for hitting long distances off a tee or on the fairway. As their name indicates, these clubs were once made of wood. Now they are usually made of titanium for better and consistant performance. Woods come in four sizes: 3, 5, 7, and 9.

A forgiving wood helps a player to hit a relatively straight shot even the ball hits off the centre. A low centre of gravity will send the ball higher.

Golf | Basic Golf Clubs for Beginners


Hybrid golf clubs combine the characteristics of irons and woods. This type of club is easy to play with and can replace long irons (1, 2, and 3). They’re primarily used for getting the ball out of the rough, and when using an iron isn’t practical. Hybrids are also known as “rescues” because they can get you out of difficult spots and when the environment is dry.

A hybrid club will have the characteristics of a wood (5 or 7) and a long iron (1 to 4). In other words, hybrid clubs are easier to use in more complex conditions, or if you are a less experienced player.

Golf | Basic Golf Clubs for Beginners


Wedges are short irons with high lofts. They are mostly used for short shots and bunker shots. With a wedge, you achieve short, high hits. There is a groove on the wedge, which creates friction between the clubface and the golf ball. They grab the golf ball at the moment of impact to create more backspin.

There are mainly 2 types of wedges:
pitching wedge: the lowest loft among all wedges
sand wedge: Specially designed for getting out of the bunker and hitting shorter shots.


Apart from Inesis which is our brand, we also offer golf clubs from the following brands.

Golf | Basic Golf Clubs for Beginners

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