How to go running in Hong Kong's summer

Running | how to do summer running in hong kong

Beat the heat and humidity with these few simple tips! We prepared 5 tips for you to stand running in the heat of summer in Hong Kong.

Beat the heat and humidity of Hong Kong while doing summer running with these few simple tips! Summer running in Hong Kong is not easy - scorching heat paired up with extreme humidity makes running outdoors a real challenge and many people wonder whether to keep on running during this season or give up and wait for the cooler days.

But don’t give up on running just yet! We prepared a couple of tips for you that can help you continue your running routine throughout the summer in Hong Kong.

How to go running in Hong Kong's summer

Adjust your expectations and take it easier

Bear in mind that summer isn’t the time to run your hardest workout and biggest mileage weeks. Running fast or long in summer in Hong Kong will be difficult and dangerous - adjust your running schedule and reduce the distance of your runs.

How to go running in Hong Kong's summer

Follow your effort instead of your pace

Running at the same pace in summer as in winter is almost impossible in Hong Kong and this is okay. Instead of watching your speed, change your watch face to show your heart rate and adjust pace accordingly. Even if you aren’t moving quite as fast as you think you should (or want to be), you will still be working just as hard to sustain a similar effort.

How to go running in Hong Kong's summer

Start your run hydrated and keep hydrating

For summer running, it is important to start your run hydrated and to keep on drinking throughout your workout, especially if you run over 60min in Hong Kong. Water is key but you also need to replenish with electrolytes - as you sweat, your body loses minerals such as sodium, magnesium, potassium and zinc. That's why it's important to compensate for the loss with isotonic drinks rich in electrolytes and carbohydrates.

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How to go running in Hong Kong's summer

Plan the time and route of your run carefully

There are days and times in the day when it feels a bit easier to run. Follow the HK Weather Observatory forecast to plan your longer runs on days with overcast to avoid running under direct sun in summer. Avoid running in the middle of the day and instead aim for cooler temperatures after the sun sets in the evening. Finally, try to plan your route where you have access to water to cool off and vending machines/shops to buy more drinks if needed.

EXTRA TIP: You can download the Water for Free App to find over 1,000 water dispensers across Hong Kong. This can help you to stay hydrated and save the environment by not consuming plastic bottles.

How to go running in Hong Kong's summer

Wear the right gear

Gear matters in extreme conditions so dress appropriately! Synthetic fabric helps you to wick away sweat and dry as you are running in Hong Kong's summer, so opt for fabric like polyester with quick-dry function for your top and bottom. Protect yourself from direct sunlight by wearing UV protection apparel and accessories such as sunglasses, hats and caps. Finally, don’t forget to apply sweat resistant sunscreen before you head out!

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