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Michelle - family-oriented mum

I wanted to train my core muscles, so I can be physically fit to take care of my family.

Busy life of a mom

I am Michelle, mother of 2 kids, 5 and 3 years old. I am a freelancer and a full-time mom. I started exercising at the gym 2 years ago. Taking care of 2 children is not easy and I get back pain. That’s why I started going to the gym and doing weight training. I wanted to train my core muscles, so I can be physically fit to take care of my family. And of course, having a better figure would be great!

Taking care of my sons took up most of my time. The only time I get to go to the gym is after I drop them off at school every day. That would be 2 hours of free time that I can relax.

Family time and sports time

When we lived in Yuen Long, we liked to walk around the village, and sometimes I rode bike with my older son. My husband and I used to bring our sons to those farms and spend our day there. We will hit the swimming pool and beach in the summer when the weather is nice.

New home, new life, and new sports

Last month, my husband and I took the kids to hike for the first time. We went to Yung Shue O, the closest trail to our home, not too crowded and easy to walk. We enjoyed it very much. Though it took 4 hours to finish, it felt great to let the kids go outdoors and get some fresh air. Nature is a big classroom for parents to teach and talk to their children.

I enjoyed the hike because you can discover beautiful sceneries when you move along. I was amazed that my 3-year-old son can finish the 4-hour walk all by himself! I think this can train their will to believe in themselves and carry on whenever challenges they face.

2019 Sports resolution

It’s hard to tell precisely how often I do sports with my kids. The weather is always a concern. If the weather is good, we do sports more often.

Since we have moved to a new place in Kei Lang, I wanted to hike more often with my sons. And I am planning to learn SUP this Summer.

mother's day - Michelle

Michelle - mother of 2

"To me, sport is family time."

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