Roller學堂 :教練話你知!如何挑選小朋友第一雙滾軸溜冰鞋?

Roller Skating | How to Choose Roller Skates for Kids

Getting the right gear is important to keep children safe, ensuring that they enjoy skating and don’t lose interest. Check out how to choose roller skates for kids. 

Everyone can learn to skate – you just need the right gear. I often noticed that some of my students were failing to make any progress and kept falling over. I eventually realised that this was because the parents did not know how to choose roller skates for kids. Therefore they were wearing poor quality skates that were too loose around the legs or had wheels which didn’t turn properly. As a result, some of them lost interest and stopped coming to classes.

Roller學堂 :教練話你知!如何挑選小朋友第一雙滾軸溜冰鞋?

Choosing the right gear

When choosing a pair of roller skates, in addition to your child’s sex, age, shoe size and weight, it’s also important to look at the different parts, including the shell, liner, fastening method, rocker frame, wheels and bearings. Each part has a different purpose and is available in a wide range of materials and designs.

  • Roller學堂 :教練話你知!如何挑選小朋友第一雙滾軸溜冰鞋?


    Must be sturdy, impact-resistant, comfortable and not susceptible to damage.

  • Roller學堂 :教練話你知!如何挑選小朋友第一雙滾軸溜冰鞋?


    Should be made from a thick, breathable and flexible material. Usually either integrated or removable.

  • Roller學堂 :教練話你知!如何挑選小朋友第一雙滾軸溜冰鞋?

    Fastening method

    Most important is that the skates are in contact with your feet! Common fastening methods include a buckle, hook-and-loop fasteners and laces.

  • Roller學堂 :教練話你知!如何挑選小朋友第一雙滾軸溜冰鞋?

    Rocker frame

    Runs along the bottom of the shoe, usually made from plastic or aluminium alloy. Plastic is more lightweight but less sturdy than aluminium.

  • Roller學堂 :教練話你知!如何挑選小朋友第一雙滾軸溜冰鞋?


    Made from polyurethane, vary in terms of hardness, size and elasticity.

  • Roller學堂 :教練話你知!如何挑選小朋友第一雙滾軸溜冰鞋?


    Available in different standards from ABEC 1 to ABEC7. Bearings with a higher standard spin faster.

Roller學堂 :教練話你知!如何挑選小朋友第一雙滾軸溜冰鞋?

Angelina wong

Decathlon sports ambassador
former hong kong representative for speed skating
hong kong’s best female speed skater from 2000-2006

With over 20 years of skating experience, Angelina represented Hong Kong at speed skating competitions for 11 years and was Hong Kong’s fastest female speed skater for 6 consecutive years. Her best performances include 5th place in the 500 m short track race at the Asian Speed Skating Championships, and runner up in the 5000 m elimination race at the China National Speed Skating Championships. After retirement, she obtained a coaching license and became a referee for international speed skating competitions. She has also founded a speed skating school in Hong Kong, which aims to encourage more children to take up speed skating.

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