Roller Skating | Benefit of roller skating and tips for beginners

Before you look for someone to teach your kids to roller skate, check out the benefit of roller skating and tips for beginners. 

After taking the world by storm in the 1980s, roller skating is once again becoming popular, especially along Hong Kong’s coastal promenades and in parks. The sport is particularly popular among the younger generation – it’s not uncommon to see young children speeding around on skates and showing off their latest tricks. Hong Kong has plenty of public spaces for roller skating, and there are an increasing number of private skating schools that teach kids to roller skate. Once your little one has mastered the basics, you can take them to practice their skills anywhere where you can find a flat, open space. What’s more, there is a benefit of roller skating you may not know and you don’t have to worry about Covid-related venue closures!


Why choose roller skating?

We all know the importance of exercise and keeping fit, but faced with so many choices, which sport should we choose? And what is the benefit of roller skating compared to basketball, football and other popular sports? Ball sports require a certain level of core strength to protect the body against impacts. With roller skating, maintaining your balance on a flat surface is much more difficult than it sounds, especially when moving fast.

Balance is part of the body’s unconscious defence mechanism, and prevents us from falling over. However, many people experience difficulties with balancing due to age and increasingly sedentary lifestyles. Roller skating is therefore a great way to maintain your ability to balance. It is easier to teach kids to roller skate as young children are particularly quick learners. Moreover, thanks to muscle memory, it’s easy for youngsters to return to their previous level of performance after long periods without practice.

In addition, roller skating and ice skating require similar skills, so roller skaters can learn to ice skate much quicker than non-skaters.


How do i choose the right size roller skates?

The first roller skating tips for beginners is how to choose a comfortable pair of roller skates which is an essential piece of gear for any skater. Many parents are reluctant to invest in a pair of good skates because they don’t know how long their child will use them for.  Roller skates come in a wide range of materials and designs, from their outer shell and fastening method to the type of wheels and bearings. By choosing the right pair of roller skates, you can guarantee that your little one will take to skating like a duck to water!


Essential safety tips 

Using the wrong gear can have disastrous consequences in any sport. As a parent, you should always ensure that your child wears the right safety gear to minimize the risk of injury, both during lessons and when practicing.