How to choose your skateboard? 

From beginners' skateboards for younger kids to more technical boards designed for experts there's a board for each standard of skating. So how do you choose the right one?

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You should choose your skateboard based on your standard: novice, intermediate or expert. There's a whole range of skateboards out there, from beginner boards for younger kids to technical boards for old hands.

Your standard

Oxelo offers three types of skateboard depending on your standard:

Beginners' skateboards 

Suitable for kids aged 8 - 12

It is slightly smaller in size and the slanted bearings limit the speed to limit the risk of falling off - perfect for younger kids.

How To Choose Your Skateboard?
How To Choose Your Skateboard?

Technical skateboards


This skateboard is aimed at skaters aged over 12 who are intermediates and learning to ride in a skate park.

This skateboard is dynamic, fast, maneuverable, and allows riders to perform all the tricks that can be done on a skateboard.

Skateboard | How To Choose Your Skateboard?

Complete 100 skateboard

This easy-to-handle maple skateboard, designed by our team of skaters, is perfect for learning and improving your street or half-pipe skateboarding.

Skateboard | How To Choose Your Skateboard?
How To Choose Your Skateboard?


Skateboard specialist

Falling over is a normal part of learning to skate. If you want to prevent injury, it's best to wear a helmet and protective pads

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