Family snorkel spots in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s special geographical location breeds its own diversified, vibrant marine life. Explore the natural beauty of Hong Kong with your children! 


Sharp Island

Sharp Island is located near Sai Kung Town Center. Regular boats leave for Sharp Island from Sai Kung Public Ferry Pier and the journey only takes 10 minutes. Left to the Sharp Island Pier is a beach, an ideal spot for younger children to explore the waters. Walk past the beach and tombolo, there is a snorkelling spot! Located 20m offshore, the water is shallow without currents which is perfect for beginners. Reefs with leaf corals, brain corals and daisy corals can be found, along with colourful fishes and rich biodiversity! 

Sharp island

Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park

Hoi Ha Wan, one of the first established Marine Parks in Hong Kong, is situated North of the Sai Kung West Country Park. To visit, take a 30-minute minibus ride from Sai Kung Town Centre. You can rent kayaks and paddle with your children to various snorkelling spots scattered around the area, where the ocean is calm and filled with all kinds of corals and fishes. A special feature is the artificial reefs installed years ago, that now developed into habitats for a wide variety of marine animals! 


Points to note

When enjoying the fun of snorkelling, don’t forget to protect the ocean:

1. Corals are extremely fragile and take a long time to grow. Don’t kick or step on them, or use sunscreen with chemicals that might harm the marine animals. 

2. Take away the trash in sight, but not souvenirs such as shells or stones. Do not touch marine animals or corals. 

3. Be prepared! Do prior research of the site, use a mask, snorkel, sun protection top, fins or Aquashoes to protect yourself and the children.