Dryland Traning

Swimming workout from home

Getting the swimming feeling at home? Try dryland training at home

Have you ever thought about strength training out of the pool? Dryland training is a set of strength training targeting specific swimming strokes or muscle groups. It is suitable for all ages. Besides, we can do it at home. Having dryland training in your swimming workout routine is essential for preventing injuries and becoming stronger in the water. Here are some exercises that you can try at home.

Front crawl for freestyle stroke

1.Front crawl for freestyle stroke 

You just need two resistance bands (15kg) for this workout. The resistance band will assemble the water resistance. Higher resistance will require higher power from you. Fixate the resistance band to a fixed object (a training rack in the video) slightly above your elbow.  

At the starting position, you have to stand straight and bend your upper body to 90 degrees towards the pillar where you fixate the resistance band, just like the Japanese Bow. After that, each hand grabs a resistance band and raises it to the shoulder level. Please make sure that your upper body is as flat as possible. Then, you can start crawling your arms like a swimming freestyle stroke. This exercise can strengthen your shoulder, arm, and upper back muscles.

Program recommendation:
You can do 25 reps for each hand as a set and do 3 sets for both hands respectively. Alternatively, you try it with both hands to make it more challenging.
For advanced athletes, you can try with a 1-minute time interval as a set and do 3 sets in total.

Flutter kick for Backstroke

2.Flutter kick for backstroke

For this exercise, you just need a mat.

First, you need to lie down on the mat and put your hand down by your side; but make sure that your back is as flat as the floor. Then, slightly lift up your legs and start the flutter kick. During the exercise, it is important to keep your thighs tight and your legs straight. The flutter kick is not only beneficial to strengthening the legs but also the core.

Program recommendation:
You can do 25 reps (each leg) as a set and do 3 sets as one complete exercise. For the advanced swimmers, you can also do the flutter kick back and forth like the scissors. Also, you can try with 1 minute as a set and do 3 sets in total.

Arm movements for Breaststroke

3.Arm movements for breaststroke

A yoga mat and two gliding discs are needed for this exercise.

You can start by placing your knees on the yoga mat. Next, place your hands on two gliding discs respectively, keeping both hands straight, under the shoulders. To start with, you can push your left hand forward and bend your right hand. You can start doing the one arm movement back and forth to familiarize yourself with the exercise and then try with another side.

For the advanced level, you can do it with both hands moving or even do it with straight arms. Through this exercise, your core, chest and arms muscle will be trained. During the exercise, contracting your core muscles and tucking the back can keep you back flatter.

Program recommendation:
You can do 15 reps for each hand as a set and do 3 sets for both hands respectively. To make it more challenging, you can try it with 30 seconds per set instead of 15 reps.

Butterfly kicks

4. Butterfly kicks 

What you need is a yoga mat, a chair, and a weight disc for this exercise. You may start with a lighter weight disc first, and try heavier weights if you are affordable. If you do not have weight at home, you can also try with a book first.

First, you need to lie down on the mat and put your hand up by your head; but make sure that your back is as flat. Then, put your feet on the chair to lift up your lower body. Afterward, put the weight disc above your pelvis, and hence move your hips up and down.

In this exercise, your core, hip, and lower back muscles will be strengthened. Make sure you have tightened the hips, back, and thighs while doing this exercise. In the meantime, use your hip and core muscles to support the movement.

Program recommendation:
You can do 25 kicks as a set and do 3 sets for the whole exercise. You can also try doing 1-minute per set to make it more challenging.

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