Difference between indoor and outdoor table tennis

We all want to play table tennis in fresh air and sunny outdoor venues, so we can fully enjoy our game in the sunny atmosphere. So what is the difference between playing outdoor and indoor?


Ping pong

There is no difference in terms of the ball whether it is outdoor or indoor table tennis. Both use the 40+ table tennis with new ABS materials.


Table tennis racket

The indoor table tennis racket uses a traditional wooden racket combined with rubber, but the wooden racket and rubber can easily be moisturized in wet environment outdoors thus damaging the structure of the racket. In contrast, outdoor table tennis rackets are made of plastic. The ups are waterproof ability and mildew resistant; the downs are relatively harder to make a spin.


Table tennis table

The indoor table tennis table is made of compressed board. It is easy to blister on the surface when exposed to humidity and sunlight for a long period of time, which will affect the track of the table tennis. The traditional outdoor table tennis table is made of steel or marble which makes them waterproof, but also very low in elasticity and comes with uneven surface. Modern outdoor table tennis table is made of wood-based panel. Although the elasticity is not as good as the compression board, it is better than steel and marble.


Other factors

The light is different. Indoor games are illuminated both during the day and at night; while outdoor games are played by natural light during the day and can hardly be played at night unless there is a particularly bright light.

The flow of air is different. There is no wind playing indoors so the table tennis is stable; However while playing outdoors, the wind is inevitable therefore the table tennis is unpredictable.

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