Nothing is set in stone; sport can change your life

Office Life

Office life

I used to be a typical office lady. Walking from MTR station to the office would be my only physical activity and I really hated it.

Living abroad

I had the chance to live in Australia and New Zealand for 3 years. There I picked up an outdoor lifestyle and started to hike regularly to explore the nature and take photos.

Living abroad
Back to Hong Kong with a new life

Back to hong kong with a new life

When I moved back to Hong Kong, I had already been a totally different person. As I promised myself to keep hiking, I realised there are so many trails to explore in my home city and they are all very accessible. 

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Hike to reflect

Hike to reflect

The more I hike, the more I realise it's not only about exploring the nature, but also exploring ourselves. Up there on the mountain, we have all the time and quiet environment to reflect on ourselves. I love hiking with friends because the atmosphere encourages us to open up and share our deepest feelings

Join decathlon

One of my reflections actually inspired me to change my job. Hiking is an integral part of my life, and I want it to be part of my career as well. I had the chance to meet people at Decathlon who share the same visions, and that's why I joined them.

Join Decathlon
Exchange with other sports passionates

Exchange with other sports passionates

At Decathlon, I get to meet passionate hikers every day. I love hearing their stories, sharing mine and helping them create new experience with our products. I feel blessed to have such a meaningful job.

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Bena L.

Bena l.


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