How to Choose Badminton Shoes?

Let us assist you with what is a very important choice when it comes to ensuring optimal safety – and enhanced performance – on the badminton court.

In order to make the best choice when selecting your badminton shoes, you need to take into account how often and the level at which you play.


Requirements Depending On Your Playing Frequency

Depending on how often you play badminton and your skill level, you will have different needs compared to those of your partner or competitor. It’s important to choose a pair of badminton shoes based on YOU rather than just going with what someone else has as everyone is different and you don’t want to start off on the back foot.

Regular Play

If you play badminton regularly, you will need more cushioned badminton shoes. This cushioning will absorb the impact on your feet during movements.

Occasional Play

For your first few steps into the world of badminton you will need shoes that are breathable and well ventilated. Sweaty toes do not make for a good player.

Intensive Play

If you are an intensive player, support is an undeniable asset in any badminton shoe. High intensity movements mean you need shoes that protect your foot from this aggressive motion.



The more you progress in terms of your level of play, the more intense your movements will be, which means you will need a pair of shoes that last. We’re talking durability. With all of the rapid changes of direction and lunges you’ll be putting your shoes through, you need to pick a pair with wear-resistance soles.

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