How to choose badminton racket


There are so many different characteristics when it comes to badminton rackets that it’s easy to get lost and end up with the wrong one. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to choose a badminton racket for you

Badminton | How to Choose The Right Badminton Racket?


Different types of badminton rackets range from 70g - 99.9g in weight. Rackets that weigh less than 85g are termed lightweight – they are the best rackets for new players.

Some advanced players also prefer light rackets because of the faster swing speed and maneuverability.

Heavy rackets are preferred by players who want greater momentum. You need to have strong shoulders to be able to use these rackets.

Heavy rackets increase the risk of wrist injuries. Therefore, they are not suitable for newbies.

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The balance point of the racket can be in three different places:

- Having the balance point at the head will give you power and send the shuttlecock a decent way whilst giving you less control

- Having a neutral balance point is a good compromise for players who haven't yet learnt their strengths and weaknesses as it is the perfect balance between power and control

- Having the balance point at the handle gives you control and speeds up reaction time, but will not give you any extra power


Rackets are made from steel or aluminium and are usually cost-effective. However, if you want a good quality racket that is sturdy and durable, you should get one made from graphite or carbon.

Graphite and carbon rackets are usually more lightweight, and ensure durability and better performance.

At a learning stage, aluminium rackets are fine, but as you progress, it'll be good to upgrade to a  better quality racket.


The shaft stiffness is nothing but the flexibility of the racket. 

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    Stiff shaft rackets

     ideal for players who have a fast and powerful swing

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    Medium stiff

    Medium stiff rackets are best suited for intermediate players who are moving along in their gameplay

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    Flexible shafts

    Beginners need a flexible shift racket that is easier to use and suit a slow-arm speed

Badminton | How to Choose The Right Badminton Racket?


Multifilament string rackets are quite popular. This allows you to play in a more effective way. Professionals use natural gut string, which suits their advanced style. But these types of badminton rackets can be expensive.

The string tension can be high tension or low tension. When the beginners consider how to choose a badminton racket, they should use a low tension racket. The low tension refers to the tension of the strings, and this allows beginners to impart more power in their shots.

High tension string rackets are meant for advanced players. While the power is lesser, the player has great control over the shots.

For beginners, 22 to 23 pounds of tension is recommended. High tension rackets have a tension of 25 pounds or higher.


To buy the best badminton racket, Decathlon is a good option. We give you access to different types of badminton rackets so you can choose the one you like the most.
Here is a selection of some of the best rackets – go through their features and choose the one you like!

  • set racket

    Beginner level

    BR 190 SET PARTNER Racket

    It is a set product that comes with 2 plastic shuttlecocks. The soft shaft generates power for the beginner player who has slow wrist movement.

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    Intermediate level

    BR 560 SET LITE Racket - GREY PINK

    It is also a set product but comes with feather shuttlecocks. It is suitable for intermediate badminton players looking for a lightweight racket that is easy to handle.

  • advanced racket

    Advanced level


    As an advanced player, you would be looking for a racket that improves precision and resistance.

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