Badminton | How To Choose A Badminton Racket String?

The selection of badminton racket strings can undeniably be a complicated choice for some players. Which strings would suit my playing style? Follow our guide on how to choose a badminton racket string.


When you know how to choose a badminton string, you will find the right strings that increase your sensation as you play. Secondly, it will require you to prioritize your requirements, in particular in game terms: is it durability or is it power that you need the most?

Choosing your strings based on your level

The composition of strings

In contrast to tennis, only multi-filament strings are used in badminton. The only thing that sets the various strings apart from one another is the gauge. The higher the gauge - and therefore the thicker the strings, the more durable the strings will be. The lower the gauge - and therefore the finer the strings, the more sensation the player will perceive via the strings

How To Choose Your Badminton Racket Strings?