Camping | how to properly adjust your backpack straps? 

Knowing how to adjust your new backpack is as important as choosing one. Follow the step-by-step guide to make sure the backpack fits your body perfectly.

how to adjust your backpack
Easyfit system

1. Before adjusting: carry the pack on your back with all the backpack straps untightened

This enables you to find your comfort point easily without being distracted by any pre-adjustment.

How to adjust your backpack - belt

2. Start by strapping the backpack belt

Place it on your hips over the buttocks and tighten it until it feels well supported. If the belt is tightened correctly and in the right position, you should feel that the weight of the pack is much lower on the shoulders. This technique enables you to save energy when carrying a heavy bag.

How to adjust your backpac

3. Adjust the backpack strap

We often make the mistake of setting our backpacks as high as possible. Thus the full weight of the bag will be on the shoulders but not shared between the shoulders and the hips.

How to adjust your backpack

4. Fit the pack back at the correct height

Some backpacks enable you to adjust the length of the back to fit your body size. (if not an EASYFIT backpack, adjust the back length before adjusting backpack straps) 

How to adjust your backpack

5. Tighten the small straps on the top of the shoulder straps

They are also known as load tension straps.

The load tension straps enable the wearers to bring the backpack closer to the shoulders for extra comfort and support.~ 

How to adjust your backpack - chest

6. Adjust and tighten the chest backpack strap 

Be careful not to overtighten the straps as it will restrict your breathing. This strap is mainly used to stabilise the bag when you walk. Depending on the rucksack model, the height of the strap can be adjusted to free the chest and allow maximum comfort.

Easyfit system

Tips : easyfit system

Our patented Easyfit system allows you to adjust the back height and strap tension simultaneously by pulling on one single strap (on each side).~1. Put on your bag~2. Buckle and tighten the belt~3. Pull the straps (from top to bottom)~You're ready to go!

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