Football|how to improve your football skills: from your first touch to control drills

How to improve your football skills? You need to learn and practise your football first touch. To be in control of the ball is great importance to player. You need to learn football control drills before shooting, dribbling and passing it.
Working on football first touch on your laces, inside of the foot and outside of the foot are essential.


Our coach Seb Buddle from Total Football will show how to work on your first touch and tips of control drills. This is the foundation of dribbling and the most basic skill needed to move the ball forward under control.


1 Control with laces

To control the ball with your laces, you have to lift your knee and flip it up. Remember to hit the centre of the ball and do not let the ball bounce over your eye level.


2 Control with inside foot

Lock your ankle, make sure you make contact with the ball on inside foot.

Try to accelerate your foot quickly to hit the ball more frequently.

Do not let the ball bounce over your eye level.


3 Control with outside foot

Lock your ankle and make sure not to hit the ball by heel. This could be used when the ball is coming from the other side, you want to take the ball to pass though defender by outside foot.


Seb buddle

Coach of total football

Seb Buddle is a Hong Kong professional footballer who currently plays as a forward for Hong Kong Premier League club Kitchee. He has started his career since 2016. He is also one of the coaches of Total Football.

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