How to choose your snow boots?

Looking for some snow shoes/boots for your winter holiday? Give you some ideas on choosing suitable snow shoes/boots and recommendation in this article.


The selection of warm shoes/boots is based on 3 criteria: usage, duration of the outing, and weather forecast


1. Usage 

Greater comfort and freedom of movement is required when walking across lowland. On the contrary, when mountain hiking, you will also need the support of a warm shoe

2. Duration of walks

The duration of outings is often linked to level:

3. Weather conditions

Some people plan outings dependent on good weather, others are more daring. Which category do you generally fall in?

If you heading to some countries with snow in winter, you may also consider below snow boot design.

snow hiking

1.  Warmth

If you are planning to see the aurora, you may have the chance to expose in cold weather for a long time, it is essential to keep your feet warm. SH520 X-WARM contain warm lining which provide good insulation. Based on tests on perceived cold conducted in the field, we measure the thermal insulation of our boots when moving (dynamic) is -16°C. 

2. Impermeability

There is a waterproof and breathable membrane inside the shoes, its keeps your feet dry and evaporate moisture out of the shoes.

lab test
snow hiking

3. Grip

The SNOWCONTACT soles are designed using a specific component and a lug pattern that is designed to provide the best possible grip and traction. SNOWCONTACT soles are more effective than traditional soles on snow. When used on ice, optimum safety can only be ensured by adding non-slip grips.

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