How to choose your ski boots?

Ski boots perform two main functions: to keep you comfortable and hold your feet in place to transmit weight transfer to your skis so you can turn as you want. We can help you get the best balance between comfort, safety and precision!

How to choose your ski boots?

The choice of adult ski boots is based on 3 criteria: The rigidity of the boot, the size and the fitting.

The rigidity of the ski boot is called flex

We call "Flex" the ski boot's ability to bend forward with pressure from the tibia. The weaker the flex, the more flexible the boot. The higher it is, the more rigid the boot, providing precision and directional control.

Be sure to choose the level of Flex that's right for you: too high and you'll lack feeling; too low and you won't have the support you need.

How to choose your ski boots?

The size

Ski boot sizes are in Mondopoint. You then have to convert your size using the matching chart below:


How to choose your ski boots?

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