Running in the rain

How can i go running in the rain and enjoy it?

One thing's for sure: if you train regularly, you won't be lucky enough to always enjoy blue skies and sunshine. Running in the rain is unavoidable but it can actually be enjoyable. Let us tell you how.

getting motivated to go running in the rain


Don't give up on your running plan when you check the forecast and look outside - you won't melt in the rain! Also, if you're actually expecting rain, you can prepare for it and kit yourself out according to the forecast. In light rain, you'll need a wind- and water-repellent jacket, while in heavy rain, you'll be better off wearing a waterproof jacket and trousers. If you're running with your trail bag, you could also bring your waterproof outfit (that packs into tight balls) to be prepared for a change in the weather. In any case, you can't affect the weather conditions on race day so you might as well endure them during training and make the most of it to test your gear before the big day.

Having said that, make sure that your phone, MP3 and money are well protected to avoid any inconvenience.

Running in the rain


It's done, you're out running in the rain, the hardest part was getting motivated and heading out, and now you realise it's really not that bad, you're not going to melt into a puddle... You get wet, so what?

Once your gear is wet, you might even find yourself taking pleasure in stomping through the puddles, watching the other sportsmen and women you might pass and giving them a little nod or a knowing glance to say “well done, you've kept up the motivation too”.

A little warning in case of stormy weather: if you see lightning, don't try to be a hero, seek shelter and wait for it to pass, try to call someone who could come pick you up, or, at failing that, a TVD (transport vehicle with driver) or take public transport if you can. If there's no shelter available to you, the safest thing to do is to make yourself as small as possible: lightning always hits the highest points.

End of session pride


What a feeling of pride to have accomplished a session under the rain! There's something really satisfying about braving the elements... You've prepared yourself mentally to be that much readier to tackle your next objectives. On top of that, you can be proud of yourself for staying motivated whereas many others would have given up the moment they looked out the window! WELL DONE, we congratulate you!

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