Carrying heavy gears and plunging into the depths… Why are divers obsessed with this unusual sport that challenges the human limits? Decathlon Diving Sport Leader Amie is here to share what motivates her in this journey, the reason why she loves scuba diving, and her scuba diving experience.
Amie C./ Diving Sports Leader

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Diving is more than just a sport. It lets us explore nature and our relationship with it.

Experiencing the ocean

I used to work in the advertising industry. Back then, I sometimes worked overnight and didn't really take time to relax. Until one summer, a friend invited me to snorkel, so I went to Sai Kung Crescent Island and took my first dip. Despite being a swimmer, I was nervous at first as my feet could not touch the bottom. Later, I got more comfortable around water and started appreciating the surroundings. To my surprise, I saw clown fishes and corals, most important, I love being underwater! Since then, I have been missing the ocean and the tranquility under the sea.


My scuba diving learning experience

Not long after, a friend asked if I am interested in scuba diving. I thought: Why not learn more about it, especially when 70% of the earth's surface is ocean? This is the reason why I started scuba diving. However, my first scuba diving experience was not smooth at all, becoming a diver was challenging. At first, I wasn’t comfortable being fully submerged. One time when I was practicing mask clearing, I choked on water and stopped taking lessons.~~Yet, I reflected on my purpose of learning diving, that is to witness and embrace the ocean in person. At last, I overcame my fears and became an Open Water Diver in October 2018 and started my journey on scuba diving, then I totally fell in love with it.

What diving means to me

Weightlessly I hover in the depths of the vast blue, listening to my own breath while immersing myself in ocean. To me, diving is more than just a sport. It lets us explore nature and our relationship with it, this is one of the biggest reasons that I love scuba diving.


Joining decathlon

One day, when visiting Decathlon I saw a recruitment poster, asking "Love Diving? Join Us!" That's how I joined the Decathlon Diving Team. My role as a Diving Sport Leader motivates me to promote diving sports. At work, I explore diving knowledge, and share with sport users my diving journey or even the underwater photos I took!

Hong kong beneath the surface

In Hong Kong’s waters, you can see beautiful seaweeds, fishes or nudibranchs. Meanwhile, it is heart-wrenching to see lots of trash such as plastic bags, batteries, disposable cutlery… After becoming a diver, I realised natural resources are precious and deserve protection. Since then, I pick up trash in the sea when diving. As divers, we can enjoy what the ocean offers and give back by supporting environmental preservation.


Preserving the ocean

Little drops of water can make the ocean. Through my scuba diving experience
and my mission in Decathlon, I wish to promote this meaningful sport and the messages behind it. As Hong Kong people, we should preserve and protect our beautiful ocean environment.

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Amie c.

Decathlon snorkelling and diving sport leader

I am a passionate scuba diver and an avid underwater photographer. I love being underwater and capturing beautiful moments in the sea, also share them with other ocean lovers.

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