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Skating makes getting back into sport easy !

After a period of inactivity, it's often difficult to get back into sport. To take things at your own pace, why not try skating ?

The cold has definitely settled in, with a sprinkling of laziness and hibernation. And after a few weeks of not really doing anything, getting back into sport can sometimes seem impossible. Whether it's fear of injury, a lack of tone, or breathlessness, you can feel rusty and out of shape. The solution ? Skating !

Because it's fun

Whether it's following an injury or several months of inactivity, getting back into sport is never easy. What with a lack of muscle tone and motivation, and even a few extra pounds weighing you down, plenty of people are scared off.

To avoid the mindset of "I can't", it's important to do something that will give you an instant feel-good hit. Skating is less harsh on your body than running, and certainly more fun, so it's ideal for this purpose. With its sense of freedom and lack of constraints, anyone, of any standard, can do it. It's a fun way to reconcile yourself with sport. It's also a cheap option that's easily accessible, can be done either alone or in a group, and helps you quickly gain self-confidence and the ability to accept your body.


A gentle activity for your body

Unlike jogging, skating is an activity that won't damage your joints, particularly the cartilage in your ankles, knees and hips. And there's no jumping or landing involved. Instead, you've got constant gliding contact with the floor, like with Nordic skiing or walking. What more reason could you need to pull on your skates and get going ? But be aware that any falls can be rather spectacular. If you want to skate safely, it's worth investing in the right protective gear (helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards) and not worrying about looking sexy !

As an endurance sport, skating also helps improve your circulation, stimulates and strengthens your cardio and, when done regularly, reduces the risk of suffering a heart attack as you get older.


A sport that improves your fitness

Ladies, are your saddlebags causing you grief? Gents, do you want to improve your endurance ? Then get your skates on! Skating and can burn up to 500 calories per hour, making it ideal for boosting your fitness and building muscle. Say goodbye to those unwanted curves and beer bellies !



And because it calls on all of your muscles, particularly your lower body, skating is an all-round sport combining exercise with pleasure. Perfect for getting fit while having fun. And it's not just for girls !


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