7 Reasons for your kids to learn tennis! kid’s racket choosing guide

In order to understand this, we will take you back to the origins of the sports and accompany you through the pros of developing your tennis skills. The development of skills such as hand-eye coordination and the building of your mental strength will be paired with having fun and enjoying the excitement that tennis can provide.

Jeu de paume

The beginning of Tennis can be traced as far back as the 13th Century, in France, during which its name was “Jeu de Paume” (Game of Palm in english), but variants of the game were also found during the Antiquity period.

By the 15th century, the sport developed itself and the usage of gloves were used to avoid intense injuries on the hands, rackets were then created during the 16th century. The game was played on a bigger court, with a hard surface in order to enable the ball to bounce, which was a ball of wool enveloped in a leather cover. The game grew more and more popular among students and intellectuals eventually making it’s way in the high courts of France and eventually becoming the “Game of Kings”.

Fun fact: origin of the word Tennis comes from “Tenez” (french word for “take it”) which in old french was “Tenets” which was transformed to “Tennis” by the English.

It is also said that the usage of the word “Court” is derived from the fact that the game was played in the King's Court. 4 centuries later, Major Walter Wingfield created “Lawn Tennis” in England and there started the history of the sport.

Useful skills for kids

  • Ball tossing

    Improve balance

    - To run and naturally have your arms swing opposite to your legs movements.
    - Ball Tossing which can be learnt through the serve or even Ball Hitting which requires the use of racket to aim and hit balls back and forth.

  • Tennis full body workout

    Full body workout

    - As an all round sport, tennis is physically very demanding and is a full body as well as cardio workout.

  • Tennis social sport

    Enhance social aspects

    - Tennis is  a great social sport to enhance communication skills and can build relationships with other players.

Other benefits

Improve hand eye coordination
- Essentially key for reading, writing and decoding.
- Widely benefit writing, by using your eyes to guide your hands to write words along a piece of paper or a keyboard.

Enhance brain function
- Children can use their coordination skills, as well as quick thinking, physical energy.
- Enhance concentration, strategic anticipation and creativeness which are the key pillars for any tennis player to win a point.
- As a tactical game, tennis requires players to have strategy and develop good analytical skills. By playing with opponents, you will have to analyse strengths and weaknesses and push and strategise on those. Tennis can also be a mind game by taunting your opponents weaknesses for example.

Increase mental will and strength
- Build control over player emotions and develop a strong sense of control of stress.

Reduce stress levels and releases tension
- For any sports, the fact of engaging in physical activity can help release endorphins.

Gear to start the sport

Tennis | Reasons for kids to learn tennis! Kid’s racket choosing guide
beginner tennis racket

Beginner rackets

tennis training balls

Training balls

tennis clothing


tennis beginner shoes

Beginner shoes

How to choose a racket?

The selection of a racket is made based on the age of your child.

Height 89 to 99 cm /  Age 2 to 4 years : 17 inch rackets

Height 100 to 107 cm /  Age 4 to 6 years: 19 inch rackets

Height 108 to 115 cm /  Age 6 to 7 years: 21 inch rackets

Height 115 to 122 cm /  Age 7 to 8 years: 23 inch rackets

Height 126 to 140 cm /  Age 8 to 12 years: 25 inch rackets

Height 141 to 150 cm /  Age 12 years or above: 26 inch rackets

How to book tennis courts

In Hong-Kong, there are 250 public tennis courts available for booking for all HK residents, you will be able to find in the following link:;jsessionid=E328BE40773B7A897208C4A7FAA307C5
Then follow the “Facilities booking - Basic version” link which will then enable you to start the process of booking courts in Hong-kong.

Tennis coaches

In addition, here are some notable Tennis academies and coaches in HK specialized in teaching tennis:

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