How to choose your tennis balls?

Which type of tennis ball should i choose from?

Occasional or intensive play? A pressureless or a pressurised ball? Making your choice of tennis balls is an important moment in your pursuit of the sport - follow the guide to gain a better understanding of their characteristics.

What are the differences between the balls?

Tennis | How to choose the suitable tennis balls for your level/need?

For kids

Pressure-less balls are perfect for children who are just starting tennis and for adults who are only just discovering tennis. Pick your ball based on your age and the bounce height you’re looking for.

  • tb100 red tennis pressureless ball

    Red ball 

    They aim at children aged 5 to 8, and have a bounce height that is 25% of a standard ball.

  • tb110

    Orange ball

    They are perfect for children aged 7 to 11. They have a bounce height that is 50% of a standard ball.

  • tb120 green pressureless tennis ball

    Green ball

    They are suitable for kids aged above 9, having a bounce height 75% of a standard ball.

  • tb160 yellow pressureless tennis ball

    Yellow ball

    They are suitable for big kids who have mastered beginner level of skill.

Choose based on the ball bounce, for your kids

Tennis | How to choose the suitable tennis balls for your level/need?

For adults

There are two types of pressurised ball: the training ball and the competition ball. Your choice of ball will be made based on your expectations in terms of sensations, bounce quality and ball control.

  • tb530_pressurised tennis ball

    Pressurised training balls

    They are composed of a hard rubber which provides moderately high bounce during rallies. As the name suggests, this ball will be perfect for training, suitable for adult beginners.

  • tb930 pressurised tennis ball

    Pressurised competition balls

    They have a rubber core and a natural felt outer which gives them a very long product life, optimal control and a great bounce quality. They are suitable for adult intermediates/professionals.

What kind of packages do we offer?

At Decathlon, there are mainly 2 types of packages: cans and bags.

  • tb930 canned tennis pressurised ball


    Cans come with pressurised balls, so note that you will hear a pop sound when you open the can.

  • tb930 bulk


    Bags come with bulk quantity, suitable for coaches during lessons.

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