tennis bag

How to choose your tennis bag?

Which bag is right for you? Which bag is the best one for your rackets? Will a travel cover be enough? There are so many different tennis bag options, let us help you with your choice!

Choosing your cover or bag will mainly depend on your level of playing and your specific needs with regards to material and space.

Your level

Artengo has three types of tennis bag that fit for different playing levels.

  • tennis bag

    For occasional players

    If you are just starting out with tennis and play occasionally (once a month max.) then you simply need a travel cover or a single racket bag. You will essentially be looking for a bag which is both strong and light.

  • tennis bag

    For regular players

    If you play tennis more regularly (once a month to twice a week) and you are hoping to make progress, then a 2-racket bag would be suitable for your needs. These bags also have compartments for shoes and accessories.

  • tennis bag

    For intensive players

    If you play competitively and you practice several times a week, you will need a bag which can hold up to 8 rackets with compartments for shoes and accessories as well as reinforced straps to make it easy to carry.

How To Choose Your Tennis Bag?

Why not a rucksack?

If you don't want to be weighed down with a travel bag or carry cover then you could always try a rucksack. The advantage being they can hold up to two tennis rackets along with all of your accessories. They also have lots of different compartments. The extra storage space is super handy for moving from place to place.

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