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What does sport mean to you?

Tino C. / Airport Security Officer


It starts with discipline

It starts with discipline

I've always followed a strong discipline in my life, in everything I do. Today, this mostly comes from my job. As an airport security officer, you need to be 100% focused on your job and there is no room for uncertainty or improvision, everything must be anticipated.

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Sport is everywhere

Sport is everywhere

I do sports every single day. Even if I don't have time to go to the gym or a sports centre, I would just do sport wherever I am - preferably in a natural environment. I woud use anything I can find as a sport accessory. I have the discipline to do sports every day but I will keep that flexbility of environment in my approach.

Sport is a human need

Sport is a human need

I am convinced that every single person needs to do regular sport or physical activity to be happy. That's why I started to coach some of my friends of my colleagues to get them to discover the pleasure and benefits of sports. I love seeing the satisfaction look on their face after a session. That's what pushes to keep sharing.

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Joining Decathlon

Joining decathlon

A few months ago, I decided to join Decathlon as a part time staff on top of my job at the airport. I share the purpose of the company to make sports accessible and I get to meet so many people on their sports journey, that's really inspiring. I will try to understand their sports practice to give them the best advice.

Sports diversity

Sports diversity

The more I share, the more I learn from others and discover new sports. I now practice weight lifting, cross training, running, scuba diving, hiking and cycling. All those sports bring different experience and a balance to my life.


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Tino C.

Tino c.

Everyone should have the right to do sports, whatever their gender, age , nationality, revenues, faith or physical status.