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In addition to offering an extensive range of sports products, Decathlon prides itself on employing a team of passionate athletes to support you on your sports journey. The 5 members of our running team all work in different positions and have their own unique stories to tell.

【你的運動拍檔】DECATHLON 團隊

Alice ko

26 years old
Sports: Trail running, road running
Communication Specialist

Like many other local trail runners, Alice’s passion for trail running started with her participation in Oxfam Trailwalker. In recent years, she has taken part in numerous races in Hong Kong and overseas


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YourPartnerInSports- Claire

Adriaan bouten

31 years old
Sports: Trail running, road running
Service & Operation Leader at Decathlon Kowloon Bay store

Born in Belgium, Adriaan has been participating in long-distance events for 15 years. He came to Hong Kong 3 years ago and enjoys exploring Hong Kong’s trails.

【你的運動拍檔】DECATHLON 團隊

Claire au yeung

21 years old
Sport: 400, 800 m track running
Sport Leader at Decathlon Mong Kok store

Claire is currently studying for a university degree. In her free time, she also works as a Sport Leader at Decathlon’s Mong Kok store and competes in track and field events, mostly the 400 m and 800 m.


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【你的運動拍檔】DECATHLON 團隊

Kit lam

30 years old
Sports: Trail running, road running, water sports
Sport Leader at Decathlon Causeway Bay store

As an outdoor sports enthusiast, Kit is passionate about trail running and underwater diving – he trains on a daily basis and finished the Guangzhou half marathon in 1 hour and 30 minutes.


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【你的運動拍檔】DECATHLON 團隊

Edmond fung

22 years old
Sport: Triple jump
Sport Leader at Decathlon Tseung Kwan O store

Edmond developed a passion for running since secondary school school. He first came into contact with the triple jump during Primary 6, and hasn’t stopped training ever since. He still trains 5 times per week – almost as much as a professional athlete.

Credits: Runner's World HK

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