Cross Training | 4 glutes band exercises at home

You should definitely try these exercises if you are always sitting type of person! These following exercises can help you to tone up your lower body!

Training your lower body can get it in shape, also it can increase our strength to support our daily movements!

Decathlon offers different levels of glute bands, so you can choose your own suitable bands base on your level.



1. Donkey kick back

- Breakdown: Support our upper body with arms and both knees are on the ground. Leg and knee should form 90 degree. Use your glutes to raise up one leg. Keep you back and core straight the whole time, no arching.


2. Hip Abductions with sliders

- Breakdown: Sit near the side of the chair and upper body can lean a bit forward, move both thighs outward by using sliders. Keep you back and core straight the whole time.

 Side-step squats

3. Side-step squats

- Breakdown: Start with squat position. Take a side step and keep squating the whole time!

Glute bridge

4. Glute bridge

Lay on the ground and bending your knees 90 degree. Focus on the glutes and core when pushing up. Push until back, glutes and thighs are straight then move both thighs outward. No arching back the whole time!


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