Hiking | Fast hiking - A new way of hiking in a dynamic and intense pace

Hiking | Fast hiking - A new way of hiking at a dynamic and intense pace 

Fast Hiking, aka Speed Hiking, is a sport between hiking and trail running. 

A New Trend to Hike - Fast Hiking

Fast Hiking, aka Speed Hiking, is a sport between hiking and trail running. The pace is faster than walking, but slower than running. For fast hikers, taking in the scenery is their goal, rather than just pursuing speed. As an extended challenge to their usual hiking pace, it is more intense and dynamic.
Only bringing essentials and light gear helps you move quicker for taking in more natural scenery. Our vacation time is precious and it deserves a more efficient way to enjoy it fully. 

Fast hiking - A new way of hiking in a dynamic and intense pace

Fast Hiking vs Traditional Hiking
Fast hiking requires higher physical strength than transition hiking. You will walk on mountain trails with faster pace and lighter gear, and even run and jump intermittently on different terrains.
Fast Hiking vs Trail Running
Trail running is a long-distance race in the mountains, focusing on speed, and every second counts. Fast hiking is more like walking fast compared with it. There is no distance limit and competition pressure, and the needs of physical strength are not that high.

What are the benefits of fast hiking?

Fast hiking - A whole new way to experience the mountains

Full Body Workout

Walking fast on natural mountain trails requires more muscle groups to make different movements according to the environment and terrain, exercising muscles not commonly used.


Reaction and body coordination training

The dynamic terrain helps train up fast judgment on foot placement, reaction and body coordination.


Powerful cardio exercises in nature

Fast hiking’s high-intensity trains the heart, lungs, will, and physical fitness. You can also enjoy fresh air in nature, amidst this different, more challenging and active hiking experience.


Take in more scenery in a shorter time

By increasing your usual hiking pace as if compressing time, you can see more scenery with the same amount of time. Push yourself to the limit and you also get paid off with scenery. 

Tips to Get Started Fast Hiking:

Fast hiking - A whole new way to experience the mountains

Prepare your mind and adjust your pace
If you fast hike for the first time, it is recommended to choose simpler routes, test your abilities, keep improving, and then challenge more advanced routes with experienced hikers.
Regular routine training
Road running helps you improve physical fitness. Also, you need to strengthen lower body muscle by squats or other muscle training. You can hike with your normal pace first to familiarise with a new trail.
Preparation before fast hiking
Pack light and bring only the essentials, such as enough water and food for yourself only. It is very important to have your backpack pressed against your back with the right balance. Especially when walking fast, the center of gravity of the backpack and exceeding gear can cause discomfort or accidents easily. Finally, it is necessary to do some research on the length and terrain of the route to set your expectation. Consider some dangerous factors and think about how to deal with them, taking safety as your first priority. 

How to choose gear for fast hiking?

Fast hiking - A whole new way to experience the mountains
How to choose gears for fast hiking - backpack


There are more body movements during fast hiking. Fast hiking backpack uses ultralight weight fabric and vest shape design makes the backpack more fit, reducing the chance of injury during fast hiking. 

How to choose gears for fast hiking - t shirt


Doing high-intensity fast hikes will make you sweat more! Of course, you need a quick-drying and breathable T-shirt. This short-sleeved T-shirt is designed with a ventilated zipper on the chest and underarms are made of mesh material to wick away perspiration faster and avoid odor!

How to choose gears for fast hiking - Pants


Hiking tights are more flexible and more breathable than traditional hiking pants. The shorts design allows you to sit on the rock at any time and is not easy to scratch. There is a small and hidden pocket on the right side, you can carry a mobile phone close to your body, and enjoy the landscapes you pass through.

How to choose gears for fast hiking - shoes

Hiking Shoes

Designed for fast hikers, extremely lightweight, well supported, with excellent grip and high protection. Anti-intrusion gaiter can prevent foreign objects from entering. They fit your feet comfortably, and let you walk freely.

How to choose gears for fast hiking - hiking pole

Hiking Pole

Choose a hiking pole that can be quickly assembled and stored. It can support your body and keep your body balance during fast hiking.

Wait for the right time when we can remove the mask. See you in the mountain!

Recommended Route:
Shui Long Wo at Sai Sha Road > MacLehose Trail Section 4 > Wan Kuk Shan> Ma On Shan Country Trail
Starting Point transportation:
Take bus No. 99 or 299X get off at "Shui Long Wo"
End point transportation:
return at Ma On Shan Tsuen Village take NR84 Residents’ Service Bus to Ma On Shan MTR Station.
Or walk along Ma On Shan Tsuen Road, go to Heng On Estate or Yiu On Estate and leave by public transport(Additional 30min for the walk).
Time required | length:
About 4 hours | 8.2km

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Last update at 16/6/2020