How is the upper of football shoes affect your game?

When choosing sports shoes, football, running, basketball and tennis have completely different requirements on the upper. After all, the upper of football shoes will contact with the ball and must have certain durability.

However, there are so many kinds of football uppers. What should I pay attention to when I buy them?


The upper of football shoes should not only protect the players' feet and have certain breathability, but also cannot be too bulky. It should also have a great softness to ensure that when contacting the ball, it can bring an excellent ball feeling to the players, so as to ensure that the accuracy of dribbling, passing, and shooting will not be affected by the upper. According to different functions, Decathlon has designed different vamp to meet the different needs of players.



PU is the skin of polyurethane composition, which is a layer of plastic products pressed on the bottom cloth. The characteristics of PU shoes are smooth upper, lightweight, thinner surface, and sufficient protection for the foot. Compared with other materials, PU football shoes are not easy to get heavier due to rain immersion. Because PU is light and durable, it is produced in large quantities so the shoes are cheaper.


The price of leather is more expensive than PU, but leather has soft touch so that dribbling, passing, shooting and the air permeability is also better. The protection of players' feet is very good. Players will feel wrapped when they put on their feet. However, the shoes made of genuine leather may be thicker and heavier, which may not be suitable for players who like light and flexible. In addition, the water resistance ability is not as good as other materials.


Air Mesh

Air mesh is a material that is characterized by excellent air permeability and high durability. The use of this lightweight and breathable football upper makes players feel more comfortable and control the ball better. Mesh shoe skin is thin and fits the foot feeling of the foot. With the light shoe body, the players can run more quickly on the field, which is most suitable for the players who pursue speed.