If you decide to hike with them, plan some fun activities to prevent them from dragging their feet every 5 minutes. Prepare them a "mission" to complete, and they will be more motivated to walk. A succession of small challenges can help children remain focused during a walk and manage their excess energy. It's also a chance to create special moments together.

A little tip: invite at least one of your child's friends so that they have a really unforgettable day.

hiking with kids - game - sunset

1. Determine the sunset time with your hands

Wanna know how many times left before the sun goes down? Simply do this with your hands!

Duration and number of people:~5 mins / 1 person

Step 1: Find an open place and stand facing the sun.~Step 2: Place your hand with your palm facing you, fingers together, with the base of your little finger on the horizon.~Step 3: Place one hand over the other until you reach the sun.~Step 4: Count the number of hands and fingers between the horizon and sun, 1 finger = 15 minutes. There are 10 fingers between the horizon and sun shown in the picture, meaning the sun will go down in 150 minutes. ~ 

hiking with kids - game - filter

2. Make a simple water filter

Explain complicated concepts with small experiments. It’s more fun than reading books!

Materials:~- A plastic bottle~- Scissors~- Gravel~- Sand~- Charcoal (or wool piece) ~- A piece of fabric

Duration and number of people:~1 hour / 2 people

Warning: always do this activity with an adult.~Do not drink the filtered water.

Step 1: Cut the bottom off the plastic bottle.~Step 2: Place the bottle head down and in this order, place the piece of fabric, a layer of charcoal, a layer of sand, a layer of gravel.~Step 3: Pour water through the top of the bottle and wait for it to pass through the bottle. Collect it in a container.~Step 4: Re-filter it as many times as you want.~ 


3. Create a photo safari on social media

Share adventure with friends and learn more about nature environment 

Materials:~- Sheets of thick paper~- Pencils and colour pencils~- Scissors~- A smartphone

Duration and number of people:~- During walking / 1 or more

Step 1: Write down or draw some objects or colours on the paper. (example: a pine tree, bark, bird, water, blue, green, etc).~Step 2: Let children find those things when hiking.~Step 3: Take a photo of the things with the cards and share with friends on social media.~Step 4: Reward the most beautiful photos and the ones with the most likes on social media.~ 


4. Find little treasures with geocaching

Use an online map to know your location, adding more fun on the journey.



- A smartphone

- The geocaching application (download below)

- A pencil or a pen


Duration and number of people:

Depends on location / 1 person minimum


Step 1: Connect to the application and look for hiking places near you.

Step 2: Solve the puzzle to get to the hidden object.

Step 3: After finding the hiding place, note that you have been there on the paper and put the box back in its place for the next Geocachers.


Maps, compasses, hiking shoes with good traction and cushion are all essential! 
Some kids hiking shoes have 2 models : size 24-34 designed with hook-and-loop fastener, and size 35-38 with shoelaces.

Don’t forget to bring a first aid kit for emergency

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