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Running | how to choose your running watch

For every runner, a good pair of running shoes is an ideal starting point. And as you pursue speed and distance, a decent running watch will be your second piece of gear. 

In just a few years, running watch has become an essential tool for runners to optimise their training. It features an accurate and detailed measurement of performance. Connectivity allows for an in-depth analysis of each session and a record of the runner’s progress.

Depending on your running training goal, you may choose your running watch according to 3 criteria:
1. Time measurement  2. Heart rate monitoring  3. GPS Distance measurement

1. Time measurement

The basic function of your running watch is to instantly show your training time and interval timing, in order to better manage your exertion.

If you are an occasional runner, opt for a simple and intuitive running watch that only measures basic details.

Running | How to choose a running watch?

2. Heart rate monitoring

More experienced runners will need more comprehensive monitoring of their physical condition, especially for keeping an eye on your heart rate when exercising.

In this case, we recommend a running watch that measures your heart rate on your wrist or is compatible with a heart rate monitor.

It also assists you in doing advanced interval running training by alternating the acceleration, recovery and resuming phases of exercise.

Running | How to choose a running watch?

3. Distance measurement

A running watch that comes with GPS can accurately measure the distance that you run. It greatly helps your to plan your training and achieve your running goal.

Some GPS watches even offer navigation feature, which enable pre-uploaded routes on grid as a bread crumb trail with real time information that helps you get back on course.

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Running | How to choose a GPS watch?

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