recover after tennis

Why is recovery important to your tennis performance?

Recovery is part of the phenomenon of supercompensation. Adequate recovery will help you get stronger and perform better as you train in tennis.

massage stick

Massage sticks

You might get a "tennis elbow" if you use too much strength on your arm improperly. The massage stick is different to the foam roller and massage ball. It does not require you to apply your force against anything. You can simply massage yourself by using your hands. You can use the stick to perform rolling exercise on your forearm for around 30 seconds to relieve the pain.

massage ball

Massage balls

For deep, targeted self-massaging, there's nothing easier than using a massage ball. Unlike the foam roller, the massage ball provides easier accessibility to target specific muscle groups. It is common to rotate your shoulders in tennis when pulling back the racket to swing and serve. You can use the ball to massage tissue deeply on the right chest if you are right-handed, or massage your left chest if you are left-handed.

massage roller

Massage rollers

Massage rollers are your best companion for optimal recovery. Massages are performed using the body weight, and are therefore very effective for providing deep muscle relief after exercise. Muscle tightness and fatigue are common in tennis players, which can be prevented through regular foam rolling. The calves are always used for jumping, moving and running in tennis, so it is important to balance your body with them. Sitting on a pilates mat, you can put the roller under your calves and move up and down against them for 15 to 20 seconds.

If you have never used massage as part of a training routine before, it is best to start by incorporating it for a few minutes after you exercise. Gradually, increase the time spent on foam rolling through progressive overload. If you’re training for a competition or training regularly it may be best to increase the frequency to prevent injury and reduce recovery time.

Pilates rubber resistance band (2kg) and comfort pilates floor mat

The elastic bands are lightweight and easy to carry with your racket bag. They provide different exercises and stretching to target the key body areas which can enhance players' performance. You can use a pilates floor mat to assist you.

  • resistance band for shoulder


    Strengthening and stretching the shoulders, especially the rotator cuff muscles is important for shoulder health. The shoulder area is vulnerable to injury and the resistance bands can help with loosening the joints and strengthening the shoulders.

  • resistance band for elbow


    Tennis elbow is often caused by overstretching during the swing motion. You can use the band to relieve the pain for better performance next time. Adults can perform 20 reps while kids can do 10. It is best to do 3-4 sets but you can gradually increase your number of sets as you progress.

How to use the band and the mat?

use massage kit with your children

Suitable for children too!

Although the products above are mainly for adults, children can always use them with the guidance of coaches/parents!

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