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Whether you are an experienced or beginner basketball player, collisions are unavoidable, and accidents and injuries can sometimes occur. In addition to adequate training and preparation, using the right basketball equipment and supplies can help you prevent and avoid injuries.
 ski de piste debutant
Guide for novice skiers: what equipment do we need? If you want to learn how to ski well, picking up some comfortable and suitable ski equipment is necessary. But selecting the appropriate gear can be tricky for novice skiers. This introductory guide can help beginners choose their skiing equipment.
Every year, open water swimming is becoming increasingly popular with swimmers in search of new aquatic sensations. Do you want to know more about swimming in Open Water?
Are you a novice yet enthusiastic hiker looking for an easy route with lovely scenery? At Decathlon, we have selected 3 of the most popular hiking routes for beginners in Hong Kong. Everyone should be able to enjoy Hong Kong’s beautiful countryside from atop a mountain, no matter how experienced you are in hiking.
It can be stressful putting an expensive hiking essentials, like your down jacket, into the washing machine. We need to clean them with specialised products that don’t ruin the unique feather construction – but not too often. Otherwise we risk damaging them. Oh, and we also need to deal with drying. No need to panic though; just follow these easy steps to keep your items in great condition…