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Hiking Route
Many people go hiking during the Chinese New Year. They like to choose the routes far away from the city with a broader view, to enjoy maximum refreshment in the countryside. Lantau Peak is a popular route with spectacular views. Want to know more? Let’s take a look below!
Sac de sport, sac à dos, sac à roulettes...on vous dit tout pour vous aider à bien choisir votre sac pour vos entrainements et matchs de football.
It’s time to go for camping! There are many camping sites in Hong Kong that are accessible by public transport and are fully equipped. No matter camping newbies or family camper, it is suitable to spend a weekend. Take a look at our 3 recommended camping spots!
how to clean your cooking pot
Whether it’s simple aluminium, anodised aluminium, or with a non-stick coating, your cooking pot is one of the essentials in your camp. Make sure you take care of it, so you can keep on using it for a long time in your mountain adventures. We have a few tips and tricks.
Short serve is the most practical skill in doubles, while also useful in singles. You need to master certain skills to do a perfect short serve. Follow our practice and you will be a master in no time!
Warm, breathable, compact, with brushed material or not ... Having the right polar fleece is essential for not getting cold when hiking. Discover all our tips to make the right choice!